image by  Karsten Koehn

image by Karsten Koehn

about tina

"are you an idiot?"
"no sir. i'm a dreamer!"

image by  Pablo Basurto

image by Pablo Basurto

i'm a photographer, nomad, wild heart, warrior and most importantly, creator of my own reality. photography is my high school sweetheart, ever since we met in the dark room back in the days. we've lost touch a few times, but always found our way back to each other and finally committed to spending the rest of our lives together. we grow and evolve together and take time apart when needed just to love each other more when we're reunited. it's a beautiful relationship. 

i don’t define myself as a certain type of photographer. sometimes i experiment with film, then i move into conceptual self portraiture, to building my own camera obscuras, to autonomous work, to landscape photography, to shooting friends' weddings and everything in between. 

as a nomad i travel the world full time and currently i find myself mainly shooting landscapes combined with conceptual (self) portraits.